In 2016, the Lectorate received a grant from SIA RAAK to set up a research project on the topic of Storytelling for 360° media. This project is set up as a collaboration with Filmacademie and ten industry partners from the field of VR.

In this research project, we focus on the basics of VR storytelling. We intend to isolate small elements of the language of VR, and investigate how they work and what impact they may have on the audience.  The research is set up as experiments in collaboration with industry partners and students, producing short VR movies  that can be viewed as stand alone productions as well.

Event: IDFA experiment

At IDFA 2016, we set up an experiment in collaboration with VPRO Tegenlicht and IDFA DocLab. During the documentary festival, attendants were asked to watch a short VR documentary, for which we had produced an alternative version to test the use of voice over in documentary VR. After watching the movie, viewers were asked to fill in a survey in which the level of immersion and engagement were measured.