The Media Architecture Biennale is the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, and urban informatics, bringing together world-renowned architects, artists and designers, leading thinkers on urban design, key industry and government representatives, and students.

The event offers workshops, symposia, a conference with an academic research track and keynotes by leading thinkers in the field. It closes off with a ceremony in which the biennial Media Architecture Awards will be presented to outstanding works of art, architecture and design. Our aim is to provide an excellent forum for debate and knowledge exchange; to offer a unique opportunity that brings together the best minds and organizations; and to highlight state-of-the-art and experimental research in media architecture.

The next MAB will take place during Spring 2021 in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Previous editions were organized in Vienna (2010), Aarhus (2012, 2014), Sydney (2016) and Beijing (2018)

MAB’s main organisers are: Media Architecture Institute, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University.

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